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So Why Should We Pick Roca Ridge?

Every venue tells a story – what will ours say about you? What can you do here to make it feel truly yours? Your whole wedding day should feel like it was truly meant for your personalities, your preferences, and your union. That's our philosophy, and this article is all about helping you decide if we can make your dreams happen together!

First let me say – we love the styles of all of our couples (each and every family!) and Roca Ridge itself can be adapted to feel like anything from a fairy garden to a rustic farm. No venue can be everything to everyone though, and some things just fit us best! Rustic and natural themes bring the gorgeous outdoor landscape in, for example. Overall, our best features to highlight are:

1. A light, airy, contemporary barn. There are so many beautiful barns out there, but we deliver something a bit different - the barn at Roca Ridge has a uniquely contemporary-rustic design. You may be wondering how something could be contemporary and rustic at the same time, and it’s a fair question! Contemporary-rustic is a recently popular interior design term that describes our style of combining beautiful wood elements with clean modern industrial finishes. The space has a bright and open feeling and it ultimately becomes a very versatile blank canvas for you. There are also additional décor elements which can help you set the specific tone you want for your day, whether it’s rustic barrels and spindles or French doors and twinkle lights – if we have it on site, it’s included!

Pine walls and twinkling lights accent the barn beautifully.

2. Eclectic cultural touches and amazing art reside in the log home. You simply won’t find a collection like the Konrardy-Proett’s anywhere else. Tribal masks, instruments, artifacts and prop pieces from film and theatre abound in the three-story pine house. Visit the art studio downstairs to see original works and projects in process, or tour the boutique for take-home offerings – our home is all about connecting with art and creativity. The unique décor here provides a thousand little moments for photography, each with its own rich history.

3. Overnight lodging brings everyone together in one pretty, private place! We have rooms available for up to 15 people to sleep, letting the bride spend the night with her friends or family on one side of the house, while the groom bunks with his in the cabin. The morning of the big day, everyone is already there and ready to go! Whatever package or booking you choose, the Roca Ridge property is nestled into a quiet little valley with a beautiful view of the surrounding fields and forests. There are a few acreage neighbors around, but when you’re here you feel secluded and free, and able to be one with the gardens and nature - totally removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It’s both a relaxing and invigorating experience. Your party and our small staff will be the only ones here to share in it for your special day!

4. Weddings here are customizable down to every last detail. You can bring in the caterer, music, flowers, décor, bar and/or desserts of your dreams! Whatever you want, it’s your day and we want you to have it. If you’re not sure where to start, we can also provide either custom design services or contacts for frequent local vendors. One of our favorite things about the wedding business is seeing the care that families take with the atmosphere and experience here, and how different personalities can bring out amazing aspects of the venue. We hope we can share that with you and your family!

If you have any questions, comments, or requests - be sure to drop us a line at (402) 405 9212 or (818) 279 4494 or email us at! Thank you!

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