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Resources for Financial Planning!

There's absolutely no need to go broke planning your wedding. It's a day of celebration, not a day to send you into debt! If you've chosen to book with us, you've already combined your rehearsal venue, ceremony / reception venue, furniture rentals, basic planning, and decor for a nice package price - that's a great start! Now you'll need to fill in the rest, and we have you covered for researching and finding a plan that works for you. Here are the best resources for budgeting your wedding:

A Practical Wedding

The Budget Savvy Bride

Clever Girl Finance


Never forget that there are a LOT of available secondhand items out there - and most have only been used once! This is great for things like cake stands, silk florals, and outdoor decor (just make sure you check our free stock first - nothing beats free.)

Be sure not to overlook Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, and even Craigslist for more great deals!

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